Hey China! Autonomous flying cars to hit Chinese sky soon – says #AI KOL Nina Rong

Nina Rong is a high flyer. And so is the product she is helping to develop: autonomous flying cars!

The digital nomad and VP of Communication at Beijing-based AI company Generalized Intelligence is also community leader of the Beijing Chapter of Ladies Who Tech. The social enterprise was started by women in the STEM industries who challenge the status quo and encourage more females to work in science, technology, economics and mathematics. In our new episode featuring the KOLs of LinkedIn China, Nina chats to Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs and answers: How far away are we from vehicles taking flight in China?

– “Our end goal is autonomous flying cars” – “Hopefully it will ease some of the traffic congestions” – “After the Two Sessions, I hope there will be more AI education in remote areas” Being the first to release an autonomous and autopilot driving software, Tesla started a self-driving vehicle trend that might shape the future of transportation. Enthusiasts forecast that flying cars will take off by about 2025.

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