China’s Tech Start-up Universe: with Oscar Ramos and Geoffrey Handley of Chinaccelerator

Two pioneers in the tech startup space, Oscar Ramos and Geoffrey Handley of Chinaccelerator, talk to Hey China to decipher what sets Chinese entrepreneurship apart and what ultimately leads to long lasting success: 

– “Humility,asking for advice, and constant learning” – “The magic ingredient is the mentors”

– “Making money is easy. Building a business is much harder” 

Chinaccelerator is the first startup accelerator and a mentorship-driven program launched in China in 2010 helping internet companies enter China and build businesses across Asia. 

It is run by the global venture fund SOSV Accelerator VC with $740M+ AUM, operates six global accelerators, and to date has invested in over 160 startups.

According to TechCrunch, they were the most active seed and angel stage investor in the world in 2019.

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