Hey China! US bans a geopolitical wake-up call for China’s tech giants: Gao Feng’s Ed Tse

Will the US bans on Chinese tech giants ByteDance and Tencent and their apps TikTok and WeChat dent Chinese companies’ appetite to “go global” and impact their IPO plans?

“I expect that the speed of Chinese companies going global and their internationalization will slow down,” says Edward Tse, founder, and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company.

Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs catch up with him to get his take: “The Chinese companies are now learning very fast about the realities of the geopolitical interference and the harsh reality of geopolitics”

– For how long will the Chinese government’s silent mode continue and will Beijing take retaliation measures in response to the US actions?

“There is a lot of uncertainty” among Chinese companies

– How much of a say does the Chinese central government have in influencing and giving directives to China’s tech giants and unicorns like ByteDance?

“There is not a lot of room for the government to play”

– How real is the threat of decoupling and the US even breaking diplomatic relations with China ahead of the US presidential elections on Nov. 3?

Beneath the title line, please refer to Hey China! by Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs, in partnership with placedelabourse.fr

Hey China! is a digital media production and talk show by Co-Founders and Co-Hosts Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs and produced by Arwen Zhining Li focusing on China’s tech space.


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