Hey China! with Nestlé VP Bernie Stefan – Food giant goes plant-based, meatless and sweet in China

One of the world’s biggest food groups, Nestlé, whose juicy portfolio covers brands such as Nespresso, KitKat, Smarties, Maggi, or Perrier, has just launched a new plant-based milk drink and vegan burger.

Bernie Stefan, Nestlé’s Vice President for the Regional Management Zone Asia, Oceania, and Africa, explains how Big Data and blockchain technology improve food safety, traceability, and accountability across global supply chains.

He also tells Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs about the Swiss food giant’s push into China’s healthy and organic food business, new investments in pet care, plant-based products, and confectionery, and what it would take for China to become Nestlé’s largest market.

“China is the most competitive market in the world” – “It’s a game of constant innovation and renovation” – “It’s about smart acquisitions, not big acquisitions”

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