NextSee and LuxSE join forces for sustainable finance education in France

France/Luxembourg 6 November 2020: The United Nations award-winning Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) and the international strategy consulting and communication agency NextSee have entered into a partnership to strengthen sustainable finance education in France. As part of this agreement, LuxSE’s team of sustainable finance professionals will act as lecturers in NextSee’s dedicated sustainable finance courses.

The goal of these sustainable finance courses is to help different stakeholders in public institutions, companies, as well as local and regional communities to acquire the knowledge needed to establish and implement sustainable finance strategies and contribute to the green transition. NextSee’s courses are set to start before the end of the year.

« We established LGX as a contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ever since, we have been asked to provide information and training on sustainable finance. This is what led us to establish the LGX Academy, where we offer formalised courses to increase participants’ knowledge of this important field. For sustainable finance to grow, we need to raise awareness and educate different stakeholders. We are extremely pleased to partner with NextSee to enhance sustainable finance education in the French market, » stated Julie Becker, Deputy CEO of LuxSE and Founder of LGX.

Towards a more sustainable and responsible society

NextSee specialises in delivering in-depth intelligence on the ongoing socioeconomic and ecological transitions. NextSee is also active in public relations in the area of transformation of economic models around green finance and sustainable investments. The agency has partnered with multiple public and private institutions in France, including Idealco, a popular collaborative platform and provider of professional training dedicated to the French public sector, financed by the Caisse des Dépöts. NextSee furthermore edits a number of publications, such as Parlements & Politiques Internationales, Alters Média, European review of IAE Paris-Sorbonne and Spirale, where it shares intelligence— academic research, thematic debates, analyses and points of view—about the ongoing transitions and highlights the role of innovation in this field. NextSee also facilitates the relations between decision-makers in the public and private sphere to accelerate discussions around sustainability matters across France. Placing ethics, social responsibility, innovation and solidarity at the heart of its values, the agency contributes to creating a more sustainable and inclusive society. The sustainable finance course programme is NextSee’s latest initiative

« NextSee advocates a committed, sustainable, responsible, and humanistic approach towards information, advice and training. All activities with our various partners as well as our policy of incessant search for excellence promote the actors of meaningful companies, sources of sustainable benefits for companies as well as for society. Among the major challenges of ecological, energy and societal transitions, the unique expertise and skills of LGX in Green and Sustainable Finance are essential qualities for their success. We are really delighted to be able to bring this know-how to France, » commented Jean-Claude Fontanive, Founder and CEO of NextSee.

Award-winning exchange

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is known for the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX)—the world’s leading platform entirely dedicated to sustainable securities. LuxSE established LGX in 2016 to facilitate responsible investing and help redirect capital flows towards sustainable investment projects. Earlier this year, LuxSE won the prestigious UN Global Climate Action Award 2020 in the category of Financing for Climate-Friendly Investment for LGX and its contribution to curbing climate change.

In May this year, the exchange established the LGX Academy, offering sustainable finance courses to financial professionals, students and the broader public to increase sustainable finance knowledge and thereby support its growth.

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